Watch this site for information on the new ECOCANE products. Paper made from sugar cane and natural fibers, a true renewable resource! PaperMake has integrated Sugar-Cane (Eco-Cane) Paper products throughout all our paper products including: hand towels, bath tissues, and facial tissues. Soon to include toilet seat covers; and, even copy paper.

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What is Eco-Cane Paper?

Eco-Cane paper is paper product made from Sugarcane. Sugarcane waste, (Bagasse), is one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable resources in the world; suitable for high quality paper making.

Sugarcane sustainability and harvesting methods vs. forestry logging:

Sugarcane has an extremely low environmental impact compared to the harvesting of soft wood forests. Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop. Its estimated growth is 1.5 billion tons worldwide per year. During harvesting, only the growth part of the plant is removed which leaves the lower stalk for next year’s growth! .

EcoCane VS Recycled