Grime Eater Hand and Body Soap - Deluxe Blue


250ml (12/cs)CASE

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Click to Order Product ID: 10080Grime Eater Hand and Body Soap - Deluxe Blue 250 ml (12 per case) Stock item. 98% Same or next day delivery. A thick concentrated gel type soap, perfect for all uses such as hands, face, body and hair. Produces an abundance of thick, rich, creamy suds combined with the ultimate in lather. Ideally suited or commercial, hospitality, institutional and industrial uses. One of Grime Eater's "Executive Series" this unique soap comes perfumed with a soft, designer cologne fragrance - exclusive only to the "Deluxe" Blue. Key Benefits: - Hand and body soaps with a rich, soothing lather. - Thick, rich lotion/gel soaps for hands, face and body. - Ideally suited for shower use as well as regular hand washing. - Uniquely blended to clean, condition and moisturize the skin. - Rinses quickly and completely with no residue. - Antibacterial. - A true "cruelty-free" product - NO ANIMAL TESTING