Wave n' Dry Touch Free Proprietary Towel Dispenser



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Click to Order Product ID: 12000Wave n' Dry Touch Free Towel System Solar Activated (Proprietary System- OL) Stock item. 98% same or next day. The Wave n' Dry is the most advanced, cost economical towel dispensing system in the world today. It features: 100% hands free dispensing. Just wave a hand in front of the sensor. A 10 1/2" length of paper advances for hand drying. The sensor's response can be reduced from 6" response down to about 1". This means that a unit will not be easily set off by accident. A programmable time delay between dispensings - 1 to 5 seconds before it will advance another sheet of paper towel. Dispensing of paper towel can be ultimately catered and controlled to its best usage for each and every dispenser according to need. The sheet length can also be varied from a 10 1/2" sheet to one sheet of 21" of paper per programmed response time. Bay West's patented roll transfer system (accurate to over 99.6%) makes it possible for a new roll to be installed before the old roll runs out. It automatically transfer usage of paper to the new roll once the old roll runs out. A transfer roll can be up to 5" in diameter (270 feet). This is the largest transfer roll in the industry. The Wave n' Dry is the only paper dispensing system on the market today that actually complies with the true intent of the HACCP program for the food industry. It is a health care essential product as well. Average program settings will provide hand dryings for over 560 average users per refill roll.