The Bay West Proprietary Lever Towel Dispenser



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Click to Order Product ID: 12200The Bay West Lever Towel Dispenser (Proprietary System - OL) Stock item. 98% same or next day. The Bay West Lever towel dispenser is one of the most reliable towel system on the market today. The black transparent front allows 'check-at-a-glance' for timely refilling so maintenance never opens the dispenser unnecessarily. One pull on the lever dispenses 5" of paper toweling for use; however, this lever pull can be reduced by 20%, 40%, or up to 60% for roll use consumption control where necessary. Bay West's patented roll transfer system provides maximum reliability for 'never-out' paper towel. Accurate to over 99.6%, this feature makes it possible for a new roll to be installed long before the old roll runs out. The dispenser will automatically transfer usage of paper to this new roll once the old roll runs out. A convenient indicator lets maintenance know when the roll is the right size to utilize the roll transfer feature, so the unit never has to be opened without there being a reason to do so. A transfer roll can be up to 5" in diameter or about 270 linear feet of paper towel. This is the largest transfer roll in the industry....also the 02000 'The Max' White Roll Towel (6 x 1500')