6% Chlorine Sanitizer



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Click to Order Product ID: 22340LIQUID CHLORINE SANITIZER (6%) Stock item. 98% same or next day; otherwise 2-4 day local access. DESCRIPTION: An effective sanitizer and bleaching compound for a wide variety of applications. It provides an easy and economical way of cleaning and removing stains without scratching porcelain finishes. DIRECTIONS: When used as a sanitizer 200 p.p.m. is normally required. For mold control use at 1000 p.p.m.. Used in low temperature dishwashing machines limit available chlorine to 50-100 p.p.m.. Available Chlorine: Use Dilution: 50 p.p.m. 10 ml/10 L of water 100 p.p.m. 20 ml/10 L of water 200 p.p.m. 40 ml/10 L of water 1000 p.p.m. 200 ml/10 L of water CAUTION: Do not mix with acids (toilet bowl cleaners, vinegar, etc.) or ammonia. FOR COMMERCIAL USE