Vivid Clean - Tile, Grout and Stone Revitalizer


4ltr jug (4/cs)JUG

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Click to Order Product ID: 25000Vivid Clean Tile, Grout and Stone Revitalizer 4 Litre jug (4 per case) Stock item. 98% same or next day delivery. Completes the extraction process by creating a reaction directly between the adhesion of soil to tile, grout or stone surfaces. Also removes rust, scum, mildew and scale from most tile, grout and stone surfaces. Vivid Clean is specially formulated with a unique blend of food grade conditioners. This product is formulated to work best with Ultra-Chem 'Cleaner and Conditioner' to help lift, emulsify and suspend soil for easy removal and to neutralize and balance the pH level of the surface being treated or cleaned. Made To provide a refreshing experience in clean for people, property and the environment.Vivid Clean is a trademark of / Marque d?pos?e de Papermake Enterprises Ltd.