Narrow Band Cotton Cut End Wet Mop Heads


1 1/4"EACH

Click to Order Product ID: 36020C PRO(tm) - Cotton Cut End Wet Mop Heads 20oz/550g Each Stock item. 98% same or next day service. NARROW BAND (2 row stitched) BAND WIDTH 1 1/4" (3.3 CM) * Uses only the top grade cotton to produce the most durable and absorbent cotton wet mops in the industry. * Cotton cut-end mops have a good life expectancy and feature high quality yarn of superior construction. * The cotton cut-end mops are the economical choice for general cleaning and applications where maximum liquid pick up is required. * Available in both narrow and wide band in sizes ranging from 12 oz to 32 oz. * Mops are available individually polybagged upon request, please specify when ordering. * Papermake recommends that all cotton mops should be presoaked prior to use in order to maximize their effectiveness. Cut End mop bands mesh colours: White Blue Green Yellow Orange 12 oz. 16 oz. 20 oz. 24 oz. 32 oz.