Yellow Plastic Mop Buckets and Wringer Combos



Click to Order Product ID: 60000Plastic Mop Buckets and Wringer "Combos" - Yellow 26-32 Quart Bucket & Wringer Combination Each Yellow is stock. Allow 2 weeks for blue or charcoal grey. BUCKETS Buckets are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the most sanitary environments at a fraction of stainless steel cost. All buckets are manufactured from high density polymer that is injection molded. Unlike conventional foam plastic buckets, our buckets are absolutely smooth. The durable stain resistant one piece construction is easy to clean and sanitize and does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Our buckets feature single bail handle which eliminate the possibility of pinching and 3" non-marking ball bearing casters that provide smooth easy movement, guaranteed not to fall out. All buckets feature molded graduations to facilitate accurate measurements. Buckets feature extended casters and/or flared base for greater stability to minimize the possibility of tipping. Buckets are designed to provide a conveniently large opening for mop access with the wringer attached. Available in choice of attractive colours - blue, yellow and charcoal grey, ideal to prevent cross-contamination in any sanitary environment. MOP WRINGER The wringer is injection molded with high density polymer and features a strong durable smooth surface that is easy to clean and sanitize. Unlike foam plastic wringers the wringer does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Gears and pressure plates are reinforced with nylon and fiberglass which allows for quiet and smooth operation. Eliminate the need to stock various sized wringers. The wringer is designed to effectively wring all wet mops from 12 oz to 32 oz. The downward pressure style is especially designed to "better" wring all mop heads and engineered to force water directly into the bucket. Available in a choice of attractive colours to coordinate with your bucket.