Spray-Right 360 Trigger Sprayer Med



Click to Order Product ID: 60706Blue / White 360 Trigger Sprayer Medium - (Universal 25.5cm flexible dip-tube fits most bottles) Designed to be able to spray continuous in any unconvinced situation. A flexible hoste with the weight attached will allow it to spray with the bottle up-side down or at any angle even with the bottle virtually empty. Features: • Always sprays at full power until empty • 360 All-Angle sprayer • Eliminates need to refill 1/2 empty bottles • 3 finger easy pull trigger • 1.0ml per stroke output • Full adjustable nozzle • Recognized 360 logo & descriptive hand-tag • Spray-Right has been designed to be far more durable than the typical sprayers available on the market out lasting than several folds EXCLUSIVE TO PAPAERMAKE ENTERPRISE.