Commitment of Service

Papermake promises to provide a refreshingly Clean, Healthy, and Safe Environment for you, your employees, and your customers. We can deliver this because we’re passionate about clean. We are a solutions oriented company, taking a creative approach to solving our client-member’s individual janitorial supply and service needs. Our long and prestigious client-member list stand as a testament to our commitment to service.

A Fit Tailored to Your Needs:
We have no cookie-cutter programs and instead tailor our systems, products and services to suit the individual needs of our client’s unique situation. To do this we constantly monitor and adapt to your change in needs.
No Binding Contract:
That’s right – none! However, we ask our customers to agree to allow Papermake the opportunity to compete for their business should competition arises
Pricing Guarantee:
Product pricing is guaranteed fixed for a minimum of one year at a time. However, on average product prices tend to remain consistent for 3 to 5 years.
No Minimum Order:
None! And it’s delivered free of charge anywhere within the GVRD.
Speed of Delivery 98%:
A telephoned order received before 9:30 AM on any weekday will be delivered to the customer on the same day (98% of the time based on the specified requirement).
Receiving Product Catered to You:
Conforming to your desires, we’ll deliver either to your shipping & receiving dock or to a designated stocking location within your facility – boxed or de-boxed – and shelved. We’ll even remove the empty cartons to your recycling bin if you want us to.
Your Choice of Stocking Service:
We offer 3 basic choices or any variation you choose:
1. Phone Customer: we only deliver product based on your phoned or faxed requirements and do not come to your facility unless asked to do so.
2. Perpetual Customer: we look after your stock entirely, stocking only to agreed predesignated levels based on a just-in-time service. Catering to your requirements is our specialty.
3. Semi-Perpetual Customer: we stock-check regularly; however, we remain just a phone call away as well. This option is a blend of the preceding two.
4. Website ( easily access online account information, history, view aging accounts, place your standard order or modify it via our online shopping cart, contact your Area Rep, access Customer Service and our head office.
Dispensers Provided on Loan:
Dispensers are provided on loan (some exceptions apply) and are installed by our service free of charge. An install can be done with as little as 24-hours notice. Advance notice of requirements is appreciated.
Repairs, replacement of damaged units, keys or parts are provided free of charge and within 48-hours of notification.
Battery Operated Dispensers are maintained in running condition by Papermake. We take responsibility to ensure the running condition of any battery-operated system we provide. Our customers don’t pay for any replacement batteries (the exception is with short-life or monthly battery exchange systems).
All Papermake employees are uniformed for easy recognition.
No Credit App.:
None! However, receivables are accessed carefully and ongoing.
The first invoice establishes your account on payment terms of net 30 days.
2% of the invoice total (including taxes) for payment received within 10 days.
Payment Methods:
We accept Company Cheques, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac, Direct Deposit, Electronic Transfer, or Money Order.
We invite you to view our entire client list and contact any you desire to check on our level of service and commitment.
Special Services: Provided at No Extra Charge
Dispensers are positioned to reduce costs and eliminate safety slip hazards. Efficient use means less product used while providing a safer user environment.
Dispenser Maintenance Program – a routine and thorough inspection of the current operating condition of our placed dispensers. Though we still may need to be phoned should a broken unit occur, this service also locates units that are not working as well as they should.
Customer Training – we provide a complete training for Product Systems and our Website.
Product Systems - complete training for both end users and janitors on any system we sell from towel systems and floor care.
Website - we will run through a brief tutorial to show you how to easily access and use or comprehensive website to make product ordering easy as 1-2-3.
Cost Control – a report of your product cost and usage per month, issued as often as or on any cycle desired.
Monitored Consumption – we bring to your attention any abnormal consumption.
Shelving – provided and installed on loan where our customer has inadequate stocking facilities. Keeps cartons off the floor free from damage. A controlled stocking area saves money and allows for easier stock review.

The largest single cost of supply for customers are the hidden costs of a lack of expertise and care!