Standard White 1ply Center-Pull Wiper Towel


6 x 1200', 9.5"wide

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Click to Order Product ID: 04000Standard Center-Pull Virgin Soft Tissue Wiper Towel (1 Ply) White 6 Rolls x 1200' , 9.5" Wide Stock item. 98% Same or next day delivery. Papermake has maintained access to this unique Swedish manufactured center-pull product because currently it is the only100% pure cellulose, virgin fiber paper product available on the North American continent. The 04000 Standard Center-Pull Virgin Soft Tissue Wiper Towel is a high demand product for areas where the highest of quality non-lint wipers are required. It has been manufactured by a unique fiber bonding process, which involves water as the only binding agent. This product has no chemical bonders, glues, or resins in its composition to chemically transfer as residue onto any surface being cleaned. This means that this is a completely environmentally safe product. The standard sized roll fits all standard Center-Pull Systems. This is an extra soft high wet-strength paper made especially for wiping up different liquids and for cleaning of machine parts and work areas. It is a very versatile paper that can be wet-rinsed, rung out and re-used. 04000 Standard Center-Pull Virgin Soft Tissue Wiper Towel is a very high absorption, non-lint product that can be used for any number of applications. It is especially applicable in labs, clean room environments, or for cleaning sealed glass units and for high demand detailing, or for other similar purposes.