Fort James Universal Center-Pull Dispenser



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Click to Order Product ID: 12600Fort James Center-Pull Dispenser (Universal Fit - OL) Stock item. 98% same or next day delivery. The Fort James Center-Pull Dispensing System corrects most of the short- comings of other manufactured units. The lockable dispenser opens on a more durable side hinge and the paper towel roll is more easily loaded straight in from the front. Center-Pull paper must normally be fed down through a funnel restrictor while holding the started roll in mid-air and this sometimes can cause a collapsing roll. With the Fort James Center-Pull Dispensing System the roll gets placed directly on the dispenser's base while pulling the center-feed tail of paper into a notched split cone. The other half of the split cone is molded to the front door, which completes itself when the front of the unit is closed. This provides a system that reliably dispenses 1-center-pull sheet of paper at a time, eliminating the normal hassle of replacing a center-pull roll.