Standard White 1ply Center-Pull Wiper Towel


6 x 1000', 8"wide

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Click to Order Product ID: 04100Standard Center-Pull Soft Tissue Wiper Towel (1 Ply) White 6 Rolls x 1000' , 8" Wide Stock item. 98% Same or next day delivery. A 60% virgin fiber paper product mixed with 40% medium grade recycled fibers. A competitively priced, general-use Center-Pull product used primarily for where medium quality low-lint wipers will suffice. The standard sized roll fits all standard Center-Pull Systems. A soft high wet-strength paper made especially for wiping up different liquids and for cleaning of machine parts and work areas. It is an all-around versatile paper, which has very high absorption properties, is low-lint, and can be used for any number of applications. Center-Pull products are, by nature, excellent low cost wiper systems; and, they are perfect for this as a primary purpose of use. All too often; however, this system gets sold for hand-wash-and-dry purposes; and, for this, this system is exceedingly inefficient and expensive in use because sheet action is instant and uncontrolled. For hand-wash-and-dry purposes almost any system that feeds the paper product out flat, is more efficient and will save on overuse abuse. Center-Pull SHOULD ONLY be used as a hand drying system in environments where users constantly throw paper towel into the toilet thereby plugging it. Center-Pull is a solution to this problem since the towel is a soft tissue in individual sheets that can be flushed.