Bobrick Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser



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Click to Order Product ID: 14500B-40 Bobrick Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser (OL) Stock item. 98% same or next day. The B-40 Bobrick Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser has our highest praise for being the best in its class. It holds 1.25 Litres of lotion soap and dispenses 3 ml of soap per button push (4-6 ml for most bulk fill soap units) therefore; providing over 200 hand washes per refill. The push button design gives the user a quick and easy supply of soap placed right to the center of the palm. The transparent casing of the B-40 allows for easy "check-at-a-glance' refilling and provides a 'never-out' system of product availability. A cleverly hidden locking system, readily opened by any pointed object, makes the unit both secure and easy to maintain. During a 12-month testing period, the B-40 sustained an incredibly low failure rate of less than 2 units per 400 units installed making it worthy to offer to our members. Most bulk fill systems have a much higher failure rate - leaking, dripping, clogging. Testing also proved to us that even the best bulk fill soap dispenser can only remain a part of a working system when used in conjunction with a high quality lotion soap that contains 'NO detergents'. Detergents in lotion soaps counteract any moisturizers that the soap contains; and, detergents will break down the seals in the soap dispenser and can cause it to start dripping. The B-40 soap dispenser is provided within our on-loan program with the continued purchase of any of our non-detergent based lotion soap products.