4 Liter Ostrem Germicidal Lotion Soap


4ltr. (4/cs)JUG

MSDS Available: MSDS

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Click to Order Product ID: 10030Ostrem Germicidal Lotion Soap 4 litre jug (4 per case) Stock item. 98% Same or next day delivery. A synthetic coral coloured, antibacterial lotion soap specifically formulated for gentle and efficient cleansing of hands. It contains PCMX which is highly effective broad spectrum antimicrobial agent that provides excellent anti-bacterial activity to reduce and control the microflora of the skin, while importing residual bacteriostatic activity. This product is ideally suited for institutional and food plant applications. Key Benefits - Contains Aloe Vera and 5 botanical skin conditioners. - Rinses quickly and completely with no residue left behind. - Thick lotion consistency. - Anti-Bacterial. - Spring fresh has a thinner consistency designed to meet the demands of specific dispensing systems. - Pleasantly scented. - Designed to eliminate common germs and bacteria. ANTISEPTIC D.I.N. APPROVED #01977873.* works well with many other dispenser in the market