Seashell Lotion Soap


3.5ltr (4/cs)JUG

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Click to Order Product ID: 10000Seashell Lotion Soap 3.5 litres (4 per case) Antibacterial Stock item. 98% Same or next day delivery. All soaps and hand cleaners come with and boast about their moisturizers; however, since the user rinses his hands immediately, moisturizers provide very little real value (moisturizers require time for skin penetration). All Grime Eater soaps include Pearl Essence, a special instant skin penetration moisturizer that actually moisturizes during the few seconds of the lathering process. Grime Eater maintains a world patent on this product component. 1700 Seashell Lotion is a very thick high quality soap that only requires one squirt per hand wash and has no detergents. Specially formulated for regular hand washing. This soft, pink pearlescent soap produces rich, skin soothing lather with lots and lots of suds! Ideal for all commercial, hospitality, institutional and industrial uses, offering true performance combined with economy. Key Benefits " Contains Aloe Vera and Grime Eaters' exclusive skin conditioning system. " Rinses quickly and completely with no residue left behind. " Thick lotion consistency. " Anti-Bacterial. " Spring fresh has a thinner consistency designed to meet the demands of specific dispensing systems. " Pleasantly scented. " Designed to eliminate common germs and bacteria. " A true "cruelty-free" product - NO ANIMAL TESTING " ANTISEPTIC D.I.N. APPROVED #765406.For the MSDS Sheet for this product, go to: and click on Grime Eater in the bottom scroll section.