Bobrick's Stainless Steel Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser



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Click to Order Product ID: 14520B-4112 Bobrick's Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel (Universal Fit - not OL) Stock item. 98% same or next day. The B-4112 Bobrick Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser has our highest praise for being the best in its class. It takes a full capacity of 1.25 Litres of lotion soap in its reservoir, will dispense 3 ml of soap product per button push (4-6 ml for most bulk fill soap units), and will give over 200 hand washes per refill. Its simple push button design, from the dispenser base, gives the user a quick and easy supply of soap placed right to the center of the palm, eliminating any possibility of soap over spray other than into the palm of the hand. The stainless steel casing of the B-4112 allows for easy "check-at-a-glance' refilling and provides a true and reliable 'never-out' system of product availability. A cleverly hidden locking system, readily opened by a handy pen or any pointed object, make the unit both secure and easy to maintain. During a full 12-month testing period, the B-4112 sustained an incredibly low failure rate of less than two units per 400 units installed The testing period also proved to us that even the best bulk fill soap dispenser can only remain a part of a working system when used in conjunction with a high quality lotion soap that contains NO detergents. Detergents will break down the seals in the soap dispenser and can cause it to start dripping.