Bobrick Bulk Fill 5 Litre Maxi Pour Dispenser



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Click to Order Product ID: 14560B-60 Bobrick Bulk Fill 5 Litre Maxi Pour Dispenser Stock item. 98% same or next day. The B-60 Bobrick Bulk Fill 5 Litre Maxi Pour soap dispenser's capacity of over 5.1 Litres of lotion soap makes it one of the highest capacity soap dispensers available on the market today. The B-60 is a real problem solver for members that have very high volume use areas of soap. It will dispense 3 ml of soap product per button push (4-6 ml for most bulk fill soap units). A user pushes the button at the front bottom part of the soap dispenser with the palm of his hand so that soap dispenses to the center of the palm. An average user will take 2 squirts of soap product so this unit provides over 900 hand washes per refill. The translucent casing allows for easy "check at a glance' refilling and provides a true never out system of product availability. A screw on top system that can be opened as required makes the unit secure but quick and easy to maintain. Even the best bulk fill soap dispenser will only remain a part of a working system when used in conjunction with a high quality lotion soap that contains NO detergents. Detergents in lotion soaps counteract any moisturizers that the soap contains; and detergents in a lotion soap will break down the seals in the soap dispenser and can cause it to start dripping. Papermake provides the B-60 soap dispenser within our on-loan program with the continued purchase of any of our non-detergent based lotion soap products.