Bobrick Countertop Soap System



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Click to Order Product ID: 14580B-822 Bobrick Countertop Soap System (Universal Fit - not OL) Stock item. 98% Same or next day delivery. The B-822 Bobrick Countertop soap system is easily installed with its works hidden from view for those that prefer not to see an external mounted soap dispenser. Aesthetically pleasing, the chromed dispensing pump-spout extends over the sink area to eliminate water splashing onto the countertop. The B-822 Bobrick Countertop soap system holds 1 Litre of bulk fill lotion soap and dispenses 6 ml of lotion soap per squirt which is approximately 150 hand washings between refilling. This unit's reservoir bottle is hidden under the countertop and does not have to be detached to refill. Refilling is accomplished by unlocking the dispensing pump-spout, exposing the refill access to the reservoir bottle.