More About Us - Our History

Since Papermake's inception in May 1985, our goal has been to affect client-member’s lives by the level of care and concern we show them, their employees and their customers in their washroom experience – washrooms that we have an effect on. Papermake has sought to bring relevance, meaning, and an emotional connection to its client-members each and every day. The Papermake logo is a symbol of those elements and reflects how we feel about our business. The bubbles and the colours used are two major symbols that bring tremendous meaning and personality to the corporate image. The bubbles symbolize cleanliness and lightness, while the colours connote the origins of the brand. The combination of both brings a powerful blend of freshness and promise, which have struck a cord with Papermake client-members for almost two decades.

Papermake’s success is partly based on the quality of its product line, including what most professionals would agree is the best chemical line in the world. But this organization is also driven by the personal care it holds for its client-membership. To say it succinctly, it’s all about people. Because of this, Papermake representatives are proud to share in the work of the company.

The most amazing thing about Papermake is how it has evolved during its 17-year history, always moving alongside trends and absorbing them into its brand identity without ever becoming dominated by them. The fact that Papermake is as successful in the Lower Fraser Valley as it is in the Greater Vancouver area is another testimony to its great flexibility and ability to speak beneficially to people in an individualistic, yet universal way.

Papermake has retained control of the voice, the reason, and the signature behind the products, regardless of who the company’s supplier is. We’re warm and approachable, yet classy and efficient. Our personality is crystallized in our slogan, “What Clean Can Be”, and serves to inspire others to join in and share in that aspiration.

We have also sought to remain distinct and in control of our own destiny by always putting the benefit of the client-member FIRST, even ahead, at times, of monetary gain for ourselves. A case in point rises from the circumstances that lead to the establishing of the Ergonomic Washroom Dynamics and Concepts.


The Ergonomic Washroom Dynamics and Concepts

Like most ideas, this one rises from an odd set of circumstances but has since been seen as a pivotal moment in our evolution that has changed the company profoundly.

The story begins with a business owner and myself standing in his plant washroom discussing this particular facility’s needs. Glancing about the room, I made mental notes of the situation – the sinks and soap dispensers were located on one wall of the room, towel dispensers on the opposite side of the room, a linoleum floor wet with soap and water build up from previous users. It was a typical situation that I had seen repeated many times before at other facilities. And like most people, I took them almost for granted.

At that moment, the owner’s young assistant came bursting into the washroom in a hurry to locate his boss. Running across the wet floor, he promptly slipped and fell. We quickly rushed to his aid and helped him up, but while the owner was addressing his concerns to the young man, I was suddenly taken with this situation. Turning to the owner, I addressed the incident that we had just witnessed. My comment to him was that a repeat of this situation could be avoided and that the solution to this problem lay in repositioning the towel dispensers from where they were currently located to areas closer to the sinks. This would prevent water from dripping onto the floor as a result of people going from the sink to the towel dispenser with dripping wet hands.

This response gave rise to what would later be known as Papermake’s Ergonomic Washroom Dynamics and Concepts (EWDC) and it has made us truly distinct. It has become an integral part of the way we do business and, as a service; it is part of what we conduct in every washroom situation we are involved in.

The merits of the EWDC system are far-reaching, making every washroom using it a safer, more efficient and healthier place. We’re proud to say that Papermake remains virtually the only company of its kind offering this specialty service in Canada.

Borko Bua
Papermake Enterprises