Silken Aluring Aloe



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Click to Order Product ID: 09900Silken Alluring Aloe 3.65 litre (4 per case) Antibacterial for hands, body, hair, and face Stock item. 98% Same or next day delivery. Silken is a brand new concept in soap. It has been designed for complete use for hands, body, hair, and face. Silken was designed and manufactured exclusively for PaperMake to 'create a sensory experience' for all of your senses: - Feel the smoothness of the Silken touch - Smell the aroma as it envelopes you during the wash. You can almost - Taste it - Hear yourself sigh as you feel the relief the softness of the Silken touch provides - See the results as Silken does what it does best, leaving your hands and skin moist and Silkened Only natural plant extracts are used for creation of the unique scents; and the soap is made from only natural soap blends. All soaps and hand cleaners come with and boast about their moisturizers; however, since the user rinses his hands immediately, moisturizers provide very little real value (moisturizers require time for skin penetration). Silken utilizes a special instant skin penetration moisturizer that actually moisturizes during the few seconds of the lathering process. The manufacturer of this moisturizing component maintains a world patent on this skin conditioner. 9900 Silken Lotion Soap is a very thick high quality soap lotion that only requires one squirt per hand wash (in fact, more will not lather better therefore reducing the need to overuse) and has no detergents. Leaves your skin Silkened.